I lived in Blackhawk village

Contributor: Sam Carlile

the most unique things I have ever seen while living in Blackhawk Villiage…

Topic: community, housing, SAHS
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Hello, my name is Sam Carlile, I was in Yongsan Garrison as a dependent with my family from the start 2013 till the fall of 2014. I saw the Yongsan Legacy post about the opening to the public of what used to be my home (Blackhawk village) I  decided to share some photos from when I lived there.  

This photo below was my first day at SAHS where for JROTC we had to wear out uniforms (it was initially pretty awkward).  It turned out to be the best thing that I had ever done.

The next two photos were Christmas and wearing the new clothes that we had received. This was a picture of me, my brother and father.  

The following two photos were great examples of winter in Seoul.   The places where I use to sit with friends while i was living in Blackhawk village was covered in a wintery blanket. In the other photo my younger brother can be seen in a pile of snow behind the bush and trying to bury himself in it. There was also my mother talking to the neighbor and their dog. 

The last photos was one of the most unique things I have ever seen while living in Blackhawk Villiage. It was one of the Korean gentlemen that would just go around and asked if they were able to wash your cars from the parking lot.

I have so many memories of Yongsan Garrison, specially from JROTC at SAHS