Building 4468 renovation

Contributor: Tim Mitchell

In 2005, Mr. Tim Mitchell (former Food and Beverage Director at Dragon Hill Lodge) and his family decided to have their home renovated. As soon…

Topic: architecture, construction, Yongsan Legacy
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Committed Partner and Patron of Korean Basketball

Contributor: Yongsan Legacy Team

Jeff Gausepohl, From the Virginia Military Institute, was coach of the men`s basketball team of the Republic of Korea from 1967 to 1968. He played…

Topic: sports, Yongsan Legacy
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The Origin of Korean Baseball

Contributor: Yongsan Legacy Team

In April 28th, 1896, Indepent Newspaper has reported the first recorded baseball game between US Military and civilian team took place near Seodaemun. History writes…

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Trip to market

Contributor: George Breen

I  am afraid the Korean people that lived and worked during these times , will fade away an be forgotten! Makes me so sad.

Topic: People, Yongsan Legacy
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