About Yongsan Legacy

“preserving the invaluable treasures of Yongsan Garrison”

In 2017, United States Forces Korea will begin returning Yongsan Garrison to the Korean government to make room for the largest urban park in Seoul. This historic event overshadows the fact that the site’s history is in danger of being eliminated. Almost 80% of the existing buildings will be removed for trees and meadows. The remaining buildings will be gutted and renovated to house museums and public functions. The remaining history books and artifacts will capture only limited and edited versions of the stories and facts the Yongsan site currently holds.

The Yongsan Legacy project proposes to capture the historical and cultural legacy of the site and to offer a unique experience for the park visitors in the future. The core of the project is a crowd-sourced and online platform that will archive historical facts and personal stories and memories of the site by the people who served and lived on the site. The archive will include wars, politics, military tensions, food, music, love, interpersonal relationships and other particulars of life. The Yongsan Legacy is about the future; the archive will continue to collect visitors’ experiences and stories of the park for the generations to come.

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