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    Back in June 1987, I was contracted to provide Master of Ceremony (MC) services for the Eighth Army Officer’s Club Renovation celebration. The club had all new furnishings and decorations intended to improve the ‘Quality of Life’ for members of the club, their dependents and their guests. Door prize drawings were held every 30 minutes. The event was held Friday evening for 3 hours and again on Saturday for 5 hours. On Friday and Saturday we had the Korean version of the ‘Grand Ole Opry’ show lead by Mr. Cho, Young Gil and his band: Shin, Mi Suk (singer); Pak, Yong Kook, (Comedian/rhythm guitar); Kim, Won bae (Lead guitar); Pyo, Hyun Chul (Bass); Pae, Yong Ku (Drums); and Yi, Kyung Ho (Fiddler). I think they called him ‘Smiley’ because he never smiled). This was a grand event and we still had the 8th Army Officer’s Club Pool outside. The site where the pool was, is now and has been since 1990 a parking lot for the patrons of the Dragon Hill Lodge. If anyone has a photo of the 8A Off Club during the late 80s to share, please post here on the Yongsan Legacy website.

    • The group photo above is from 1956-1957 which shows the Officer’s Club which preceded the 8th US Army Officer’s Club I saw when I arrived at Yongsan Garrison in August 1965. I found this photo and many more at this website: http://www.xenophon-mil.org/korea/koreatable.htm
      If you go on the above website you can see numerous photos taken of Yongsan Garrison and many other locations in Korea during the 1956 1957 time frame. I made this topic site because I once saw the Paul Revere and the Raiders Band perform at the 8th US Army Officer’s Club in the late 80s or early 90s. I can’t find anything to identify the exact month and year for this group performing at Yongsan Garrison. I would hope that visitors to this site might have also seen this group perform and provide a time frame for these entertainers’ visit to Yongsan. I did get their autographs as you can see on the photo.
      • I am not sure where this first building appears, but it could be where the Seoul USO now has its location. At one time Harvey’s Lounge and Bar was located in the Seoul USO facilities. Note the stairway on the left.

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