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People are what make a place memorable.

By Coco Cugat
People are what make a place memorable. I have always enjoyed being out of my comfort zone, going to new places and meeting new people. Through people I have got to learn about new cultures, traditions, values, beliefs…. about our world. The history of a place is way more fascinating when it is related to people stories, especially in Yongsan Garrison: home base for strong and tough soldiers as we tend to imagine, but what about the human side of each one of 2.5 million servicewomen and servicemen who passed through this base?How many unspoken stories must have happened in here?...Despite distance people that has come to our lives they remain forever in our memories, in our hearts Without people there is no history. Without each of you who passed through this base there would be no history. Share your testimony; let’s build together the Yongsan Garrison legacy for the future generations.

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