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    Note from Julie Royal Irick on May 19th 2018
    I met my husband when I was a freshman in 1988, he was a sophomore at SAHS. Fast forward to 2000 we found out we lived 20 minutes from each other. We Married in 2005.

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    Note from Sue Kizer on March 30th 2018

    Rick and I were that couple in the class of 1971 that most thought would end up married. Turns out they were right, just about 40 years later than expected. I had to return to the states for our senior year, he graduated with our class in Seoul. Communications were laborious back then, letters and tapes often took 10 days or longer. Too bad FB didn’t exist – our lives might have been a very different story. We ended up going our separate ways. I’d just retired in 2013 when I found him on FB. We began communicating in real time – so much more effective. He was providing end-of-life care for his mother in Tennessee. I was able to travel and so I came to visit him in Nashville and never returned to Albuquerque. We married in 2015.
    (That’s the condensed version)

    Here are some pics. Junior Prom 1970, wedding 2015

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    Note from Mr. O’Brien: The photographer was #LouieHackett, one of our #SAHS students!
    #SouthPostChapel Building T2105
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    Note from Michael O’Brian :
    On this day, June 15 1968, at South Post Chapel, a Quonset Hut, Yongsan 8th Army, South Post, Seoul, Korea, Arline Joyce Monroe and Michael Francis O’Brien were married. No guests, except a student photographer. The Korean organist happened to be there practicing. Arline’s bridesmaid was her friend, Josephine Lee and my best man was Peter McGlamery, a former student who had graduated from SAHS in ’68. A Catholic Priest performed the ceremony. We then walked to the USOM Club where a reception was held on the upper level. Teachers were not yet authorized POVs (Privately Own Vehicles). Many friends, parents, and former students had been invited. After that we collected our luggage and Peter got us to the old Kimpo International Airport. We were off for a five week honeymoon in SE Asia where our first stop was the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. One morning at breakfast we over heard two American Matrons sitting at the next table saying “Those two youth people must have wealthy relatives!!” First of all we were not spring chickens – 30 and 29. We wanted to say, “Yes, we have a rich uncle, his name is ‘Sam!!’ We headed on to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, ending up in exotic Bali.

    On Friday noon, June 7 2015, while Arline was sitting in an Arirang Taxi with our friend Ray Grieshaber holding her waiting for me to be checked out of school by the principal. We had stops at Seoul City Hall and The American Embassy to get legally married. Between stops we went to a near by pizza place. In 1968 that pizza was pretty funky. Even year after we have done for a lunch pizza.

    I need add that both Arline and I had been dorm supervisors at SAHS. She had the junior/senior girls and I had the junior/senior boys. We also co-parented. After we married we sent out announcements to those kids we had addresses for. On the announce me put. “Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. O’Brien announce you legitimacy!! Who of you remember receiving one of those?

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