In the Bldg #2364 on Main Post Yongsan Garrison,

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This is about 64 years back in 1954 when it was time still skirmish of fightings were sporadically occurring along the front line. Although the…

Topic: Engineering, Yongsan Legacy
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This is about 64 years back in 1954 when it was time still skirmish of fightings were sporadically occurring along the front line. Although the truce was signed the whole Korean society was in war torn aftermath with chaotic confusion and disorders in Korea, I had a golden opportunity to go to Sydney, Australia.
I was sponsored to accompany family of the Consul General who was, my uncle and the ROK government commissioned him to establish a Consulate General Office in the City of Sydney. This was the Korean Government’s first diplomatic relation in its history with the Australian Government.
While, I was a member of the Consulate General Office, I helped the Office with general affairs it operated. At the same time I went to an English Language Class sponsored by the Sydney City Authority. The Class was specially designed to help language difficulties of the immigrants who were mainly from European countries. After I attending this class for a brief period of time, I entered the Sydney Technical College as a night student of the Sheep and Wool Course. I studyed the course for over 3 years untill I was required to accopany the Consul General who was promoted to the Korean Ambassador to the Philippines and the whole family was moved from Sydney to the City of Manilla, Philippines.
While I was with the Korean Embassy in Manilla, I entered the Phillines Christian University where I studyed major in Child Psyhology untill expiration of my passport validity in 1958 whereby, I returned back home to my old house in the City of Buchon which neighbors with the city of Bupyong the Ascom city in which the US. Army Ascom Depot was sited. The Ascom Depot was the largest US Army Supply Depot in Korea where many local nationals were employed in various trade. The Ascom Depot was my first affiliation with US Army, I applied for a job and eventually was accepted as a Supply Clerk, I was preferentially treated considering the merit of English Language. This, I think was the turning point of my career profession to work for the US Army stationing in Korea, my employment with the USFK began in the year 1958, I started off as a Stock Control Clerk KGS 4, in the US Army Ascom Depot at Camp Market. I worked there for some years and along the way of my career profession, grade structure had grown and I was laddered up to a Preservation Specialist KGS 7, in a huge big War Material Reprocessing Plant in the Ascom Depot, it was until the Depot was scheduled to relocate down to the Cp Carroll, Waegwan in 1972. With the Relocation Plan, my position was entitled to function transfer and I was supposed to move with my whole family on US Government expense. However because of the long geographical distance from my permanent residence and my own circumstance, I did not want my house move to Cp Carroll, Waegwan.
It was the time the Depot was still in its transition, I applied through the CPO for a transfer to the 8th Army Engineer in Yongsan where a position vacancy was existed and I was selected competitively for the position and was accepted, I moved my house from Buchon to the City of Seoul in 1972.
After some years of working at the EUSA Engrs as an Engineer Project Coordinator KGS 7 in the Bldg #2364 on Main Post Yongsan, it was during my days of working, certain Departments of the 8th Army Engineers Office including the Work Management Division where my position is authorized were to be separated and reorganized into the Facilities Engineer Activity Korea (FEAK) which was eventually deployed to the Cp Henry Daegu. Some years of my working for the FEAK while it was still in Yongsan, I again did not want to move along with the FEAK down to Cp Henry Daegu, so I applied for a transfer to the Hqs. 25th Transportation Center that was colocated with the Seoul Central Railway Station in down town Seoul, the Center was commissioned to operate 3 ATMOs with their 15 TMOs scattered across the country wide. I worked in the Center Hqs. as an Administraative Assistant KGS 7 for some years, I managed to transfere again back to the 8th Army Headquters Commandant Office this time, in Bldg# 1572 on Yongsan Main Post. I worked there as a Manpower Analyst KGS 9 then and the Office was later reorganized into the EUSA Special Troops Command (EAST) which comprized of 18 small and mediumm Units assigned and or attached for supports within it’s command it had operated for some years occupying Bldg#1572 on Yongsan Main Post. The EAST took over the Yongsan Garrison and merged into form the 34th Support Group Command which had operated for some years was again reorganized back to the present Yongsan Garrison Command, Building #4305 Yongsan South Post from where I retired of my age limit, I was KGS-12 Supervisory Management Alalyst then and thus my over 35 years of employment with the USFK ended in the year 1993.
After my retirement from USFK service, I was hired by a Korean Civilian Company, the Ambassador Hotel Group, I worked for this Company for another about 20 years as a Sales and Marketing Representative in charge of the USFK Accounts. The Hotel had a BPA Contract withe USFK, my association with USFK Community continued on. I worked as the Hotel Representative with privilege to contact almost all US Organizations or Activities including certain tenanted US Agencies stationed on Military Bases that locate across the whole country to promote the Hotel and to do business with satisfying USFK Units with their accommodation demands. My employment with the Ambassador Hotel ended in the year 2013 and thereby my volunteering at the American Redcross, Yongsan Chapter at the Moyer Rec Cen, Buldg #2259 Main Post Yongsan had began.
I was officially recognized as a Volunteer of the Year 2017 by the Commander, US Army Yongsan Garrison in April, 2017. I personally felt it was exceedingly proud of myself nominated for the award. It was a great honor for a plain member of volunteer as me. I really did not think I deserved for that big title. With that award I had a huge feeling of mind burden that I should volunteer more hours with higher quality and meaningful service. I only started my volunteer activity at the American Red-cross Yongsan Chapter from year 2013 and it is a little over 4 years.
Thank you for your patience to listen.
If any unnaturalness in the English expression is found, excuses are sought.

In Su Yu January 26, 2018