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    (This is the letter I intend to send to the Stars and Stripes, and perhaps the same one to the Seoul District Office! Stars and Stripes just ran an article about this. gamel.kim@stripes.com Please help!! This needs to be stopped! I will furnish you with the addresses of those responsible at Korea District Office an the Pacific Office and the DC Office!!”

    Thomas Brady, Director, DoDea
    Lois Rapp, Pacific Director of Student Excellence
    Judith Allen, Director, Pacific West (Korea) District

    Thank you, this needs to be stopped!!

    Mr. O

    Do not take American out of Seoul American High School!!

    I taught at Seoul American High School for 34 years, starting in August of 1963! It was Seoul American High School then and it was Seoul American High School when my wife and I retired in June of 1997! I taught art, grades 2 through 12 those first few years . Seoul American Elementary was 2 through 8 at the time. At one time Seoul American High School was 7 through 12. In the early 70s there became a Seoul American Middle School with 5th through 8th graders!

    Seoul American High School was distinguished from Seoul Foreign School, Seoul International School! Now Seoul High School will sound like like a Korean High School in Seoul! This is not good!!

    In the fall of 2018 there will be a Seoul American High School reunion held on South Post. I cannot image how those grades will feel arriving and finding Seoul American High School no longer exists as such!!

    Seoul American High School was a wonderful school with wonderful students! I an still in contact with many of them, some turning 70! Many have come to visit us after we retired to Hawaii’s Big Island and are still coming! Also, a Seoul American High School reunion was held here in 2000!

    My wife and I met in the fall of 1963 when we both arrived as new teachers freshly recruited in the States! We married in the old South Post Chapel in June of 1968, our son, Sean Michael, was born at Seoul Military Hospital in March of 1975, and graduated from Seoul American High School in June of 1993!

    The schools on South Post will be around for only a few more years, as is! Please leave the name alone!!


    Michael F. O’Brien

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