• Peter M Solstad added a Photo 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    • Is this what used to be gate 1 back then? the one along Hangang dareo

    • Coco, No… this is a view from the main gate of Camp Red Cloud, Uiojeongbu, which was then the location of HQ I Corps (GP), a three star command. My assignment to 2d Bn (HAWK) 71st ADA moved me from my intended posting with the 304th Signal Battalion (Yongsan) to this unit, part and parcel of a refocus effort by CG, Eighth Army (Gen Michaelis) to ‘fix’ the 38th brigade and it four HAWK and one Hercules battalions, which he considered to be in poor readiness. If you are so inclined go to AMAZON and search for Punchy Company, a book that talks in some detail obout the milieu that then was Eighth Army with a focus on Camp Red Cloud.

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