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    I am looking for a gate number and the name of the area that I lived at as a Korean child during 1957-1965. The gate wasn’t used much by the US military. The gate guards were mostly Korean MPs and it was used by the mostly Koreans for entering and exiting Yongsan Garrison. As you came out of the gate, if you turned right you would go toward downtown toward the palace I think. I remember that it was like a traffic circle further down and the Seoul Zoo was by the palace, as well. Coming out of the gate, on the left side was gully that ran parallel the the road. Across the gully, which as almost like a dry stream, were some Korean homes and there is where lived and grew up. If you took a left turn, you went over a bridge over the gully. No trolleys went down this road, only cars and buses. Very seldom did you see any US military personnel in this area during the day or night. If you continued down this road it led to the American Consulate and the Han River I think. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you for contacting us!
      You may be referring to what used to be gate 1, currently gate 16. By this gate there is the MP Station. The attached map is from 2016. Would you like us to include you in the legacy of Yongsan? The gate where the arrow is pointing at on the attached map. The street is Hangang Daero. To the left hand side is Samgakji.

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