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    1960 Korea_Swimming Pool on US 8th Army South Post in Yongsan By Bill Smothers.
    Swimming pool at the Officer’s Club on the US 8th Army Compound, South Post, in Yongsan Garrison. White signs on fence read “no horseplay.”
    Girl in the tube/float is Bill’s sister, Karen Smothers.
    (currently this pool no longer exists it is the parking in front of Dragon Hill Lodge)
    • Note from Mike Nicolay: I was also one of the lifeguard for the 8th Army Officer’s Club and EM Pools – and at the Cheongpyeong Lake during the summers.

    • Note from Maria Jordan on march 7th 2018

      I grew up in that pool. We went every day, each summer throughout the sixties and seventies. I remember some kickass Korean lifeguards that were the same every year. They kept us brats in line. There was a snack bar next to the restrooms outside, near the baby pool. Best smelling grilled fatty foods ever.

      We lived in UN Village while going to Seoul American Elementary, then Riverside Apts. during High school. 1960 to 1977. American Kindergarten in 1964 and 65 was held in the Rod and Gun Club. During those yeas the Officers Club had a great Chinese buffet and a twenty piece orchestra that played “Pearly Shells” every night.

    • Note from Tim Mitchell on July 27th 2017:

      The pool was located in what is now the “side” parking lot of the DHL. Once the Officer’s Club closed it’s doors circa ’92/93, the pool lasted perhaps a season or 2 beyond the club. The pool was on the upper part of the side parking lot with 2 tennis courts located on the lower area closest to the hotel.

    • Note from Summer Robbins Turner on July 27th 2017:
      I was a Lifeguard at the Officers Club 1988. Loved it!

    • Note from Lee Ann Spivey Prillaman on July 26th 2017 :
      My patch (probably from summer of 82 or 83)
    • Note from Regina Ortenzi on 26th July 2017

      I remember the pool. I Lived at Yongsan 1964-67. I Was in high school. SAHS

    • Note from Sue Kizer on 26th July 2017

      We went to a pool maybe 2 blocks from the old high school. I know it wasn’t the Officers Club. 1967-1970

    • Note from Kathy Fulmer Kilpatrick on 26th July 2017
      I did go to the pool too. Guess it was same pool in 65.
      I wish I did take some photos. Was such a wonderful time. I was 15/16. Junior year. Didn’t take many pictures . Wish I had.
      I Lived there from 65-66. My dad was prob-mag K

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