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    1960 Description of a Normal Korean Military Tour _ Note by Bill Smothers

    This tour description for US military personnel stationed in Korea is part of a 1960 map of Seoul and the US 8th Army Compound located in Yongsan, just south of Seoul.
    The map apparently was sold for $0.25 to soldiers stationed in Korea in the early 1960’s – see the price sticker on the folder used to contain this map. The true physical dimensions of this portion of the map are 14.5 X 21.5 inches – the entire map is 29 X 21.5 inches.

    Refering to months 5 and 12 Back in the early 1960’s in Korea, many American GI’s used the nickname “Moose” to refer to an employee of the world’s oldest profession. How and why that nickname started being used and when it stopped is unknown to me; but I have since then lived in many parts of the world and have only heard “Moose” used in that context by my countrymen who lived in Korea.
    I have recently been told that the American GI slang term “Moose” came from Mooseamae which means sweetheart in Korean.

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