• Note from M. Granderson
    I was at Yongsan from 8th grade until just a few months shy of graduation. We had a large family and lived a ways away from post in Mapo-gu. My mother decided to try homeschooling those years to avoid the commute. My brother and I, in particular, hung out a lot with the SAHS crowd. If we finished our school work early we could be on the post before the high school let out and our friends from there would come and join us at the PX, Moyer Rec and so on,

    I did actually attend SAES for 1st and 3rd grade on earlier stints in Seoul.

    The Performance Arts center very well be the most meaningful establishment place for me on the post. It was a really funky cool artsy place that ran against the grain of the military gist. There were a number of Koreans involved with the place. I don’t know precisely how they were involved with the post or the PAC. I was very young at the time and was involved more on the periphery with youth performances, assisting the stage manager for some of the larger plays and so on. There was an older Korean man, an MWR employee I think, who made a majority of the stage sets. He was incredibly talented and made whole forest scenes with all these massive floor to ceiling flats and so on. There was also a middle aged American guy that taught English way out on the edge of Seoul and commuted in two hours each way to be a part of that community theater. Wish I had more names. Still have a pile of old performance programs in storage back in the states that would help greatly if I could get my hands on them. I am working in Tokyo at the moment.

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