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    Hi, I am attaching two photos from around 1972. These were originally shot on 35mm film and processed as slides. Our family kept the slides over the years, and in 2008 or so I had them all scanned and converted into digital files. They were huge files…I just resized these two. If they work, I will send the rest via WeTransfer.

    I took the shot of my dad, standing in front of our duplex. Google Earth shows me this house no longer exists. Around 10 years ago a large helipad was built there. If you use the Google Earth history function, you can still see the house, before 2006…it was on South Post, a little north of Collier Field, and a little east of Gate 19.

    The other shot is me, in Itaewon (I think) with my Super 8mm movie camera…

    Hope these work!

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