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    Note from Mr Nam SangSo on March 8th 2018, former architect for Trans Asia Engineering working for 8th Army in Yongsan Garriosn, main post Building 1510.

    In the winter of 1959 while civilians were not allowed to visit Panmunjeom neutral area I had a rare chance to go
    see the Joint Security Area and Daeseong-dong village as a member of topographic survey and field investigation
    engineering team of Trans-Asia Engineers. One of the missions was to find a permanent underground water
    sources for the facilities of the UNCMAC in the JSA. And we found a permanent clear water-table in the “primeval forest.”

    • Note from Ron Cullifer on march 9th 2018:
      I also did some work at Taesong-dong and Tongil-chon. The farmers there didn’t have to pay taxes. I seem to remember a little school for kids as well.

      I was not in uniform or in the military. I was working under a contractor for the DoD and wore a blue arm band to indicate I was a non-combatant. Circa 1987-89. I must have past via Freedom Bridge to all the major installations about 200 times working in that part of the DMZ. When directed to Panmumchom (JSA) I’d see the NK guards just a few feet away with their blank faces. At the forward US Army Guard Posts (OPs) Oulette & Collier bunkers we could all hear the rumble underground of the NKs blowing explosives frequently (tunnel building). I saw the huge NK flag behind Panmungak located in the NK city of Kaesong. (Simultaneously and separately I was in & out of the Yongsan Garrison attached to the 5855 RTU USAR. John Nowel was our First Sgt.)

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