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    Note from George Breen on April 11th 2018:

    This is exactly how I arrived in Incheon! Note one line is smiling and the other line seem a little sad!
    I was taken from here by truck to the 570th ORD. CO. (what later on became Niblo Barracks and later on Hannam Village) It seemed like it took for ever to travel from Incheon to Seoul! Road was rough!

    No one that served in south Korea ever forgot this day!

    • Photo and note from Bill Strouse: Welcome to Korea GI, troops arriving at Inchon after offload off ship, we are on the Left waiting to go Home on the USS Mitchell, Oct. 1958

    • Note from George breen: Notice the difference in the shine on the boots of the troops arriving and the troops departing! The boots of the troops departing were shined by YOUNG Korean “HOUSE BOYS”! We were not required to have our shoes “spit shined” in the 570th! The troops arriving are probably fresh out of school. I can’t find any rank stripes on any of the jackets of the troops arriving!

      Very good photo and very meaningful.

      I have experienced being ion both lines! The line leaving and the line arriving! For me, the line leaving was the sad line!
      I had no idea that all through my life, memories of serving and living in south Korea would become stronger and stronger, day by day!

      I also traveled home on the USS Mitchell.

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