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    DAS 25 was my truck. Both the truck and my self was assigned to shop one.

    Shop one’s G.I. forman during 1956 and 1957 had painted the truck with gloss paint! This was a Real NO!! Because in the event of combat, the gloss paint was a shining target! I fought with the “higher ups”, the duration of my tour to keep this paint on the truck.

    The GI i replaced told me this.

    What you are calling the UN village , was opposite the direction of Seoul. I can’t remember directions now. And what you are calling the Han river is correct.

    The truck is pointed in the direction of the Barracks. And where you are pointing the arrow to the road is correct, but it is located on the other side of the roof top where the arrow stops. I think I remember the building as being the paint shop.

    The building to the right of the road arrow, had a steel door and it had bullet holes remaining from top to bottom!

    I think I remember the building toward the Han river as our , paint storage shed! this was the 570th ord co (DAS) in 1958

    Thank you , George

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