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    The animal balloon reunion! Chris meets Micah after so many years!

    Coco : Micah, by any chance you are the person Chris is referring to in the attached post?

    Micah: Yes! I thought about him the other day but was having trouble looking him up because we all knew him as J.D. Had no idea he was still in Seoul. Thanks for reconnecting us!

    Coco : Chris you will not believe it but YES!!! Micha Granderson is the Micah that taught you how to make balloons!!!!!!

    Micah: Thank you Coco for making all these amazing connections!
    Hi Mr. Vaia! I was chatting about with my wife the other day and somehow I ended up talking about the ballon twisting we would do at special events. I said “man, I would like to look him up but I only knew him by his nickname J.D.” So glad to be back in contact. I hope we can get a meal together if I come back through Seoul and you are welcome anytime in Tokyo. I’m married and have three children. Always remember your kindness and cheerful smile. You really made a blessing out of those balloons for all the kids. I see you swapped your Korean grandfathers hat for an Uncle Sam topper. Is there a story behind that?

    Chris: Greetings Micah, Our Good Lord gave me a great joy by hearing from you. I always mention how a young child taught me how to make a balloon poodle and with a book – my balloon twisting was started. It remains an enduring blessing to be using this wonderful talent to Help Others in the Name of Jesus. The Balloon Brother name came from several Korean grandmothers who thought a seasoned rascal like me would make people more cheerful. LOL We make weekend visits to charitable organizations and a few during the week. It ties in great with Sally’s evangelism. The outfit evolved to be more universal. Hats were never the comfortable anyway. We hope to see more pictures of your family. Are any of your siblings and parents still living in Asia? We do hope to make it to Japan and visit Camp Zama where we have a memorial bridge for my daughter Jeni. JD was and is still Jeni’s Dad. If we make it, we will also visit New Sanno and hope to meet everyone. Naturally, if you come to Seoul, it will be wonderful to have fellowship. We have a small place near Walker Hill. My memory is pretty poor, but I think I met you a few decades ago at Yongsan and thought you might be in the US Army. Regardless, p[lease give our love to your family. Our Good Lord has blessed you with them and a good career. Grace and Peace, Chris and Eun Young (Sally)

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