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    Nam Sang-So
    Korean War navy veteran. Architect/Specifications Writer (retired)
    Stationed in Yongsan for Trans-Asia Engineering Associates, Inc (bldg 1510)
    Currently resides in South Korea

    Charles Woodruff
    Librarian, Seoul American High School
    1977-80, 1994-2001, 2003 to present
    Building 3644 9Seoul American High School
    Currently resides in Seoul

    Yu,In Su
    8Th US army Engineer office Engineer Project Coordinator KGS 7, Manpower Analyst KGS 9, KGS-12 Supervisory Management Alalyst,
    Currently volunteer at the American Redcross, Yongsan Chapter.
    1972-1993, 2013-present
    Building #2364 in Yongsan Garrison
    Bldg# 1572 on Yongsan Main Post
    Building #4305 Yongsan South Post
    Moyer Rec Cen, Buldg #2259 Main Post
    Currently resides in South Korea

    Kim WonSik
    Yongsan PMO, Pass & Vehicle Registration
    3 nov 1982- 11October 2015
    Building 1230 Camp Kim
    Currently resides in Seoul

    Chris Vaia
    1983-1986 as the 17th Aviation Brigade Army Career Counselor
    Main Post between the Finance Building and Library. Both of those buildings were constructed during the Japanese occupation from 1910-1945.
    1993-1997Korean Command Retention Director
    Currently resides in South Korea.
    Founder Bridgebuilders46 International Friendship Fellowship, Hallelujah Balloon Brother, Association of Military Recruiters and Counselors Coordinator, Seoul Honorary Korean Citizen
    “Bridging Friendships One Smile at a Time”

    Mr.Chang (Tailor)
    Owner of Twits at DHL

    Tim Mitchell
    2008~present Food and Beverage Director US Army AFRC (Dragon Hill Lodge)
    1997~2008 Executive Chef US Army AFRC (Dragon Hill Lodge)
    1989~1997 Pastry Chef US Army AFRC (Dragon Hill Lodge)
    Currently resides in South Korea in Yongsan garrison (bldg 4468)

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