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    This is Jo YongGil vocalist of the Grand Ole Opry Korea.

      • Comment from martin Limon:
        What a thrill to see his face again! Yes, I remember Mr. Jo YongGil, having first seen him when he performed on Yongsan Compound during the 70s (at the Crossroads Club, the Frontier Club, and elsewhere). Of course, usually he was wearing a cowboy hat.
        He might remember me when I ran the enlisted/NCO Club on Camp Red Cloud from 1985 to June 1986. He and the Grand Ole Opry performed there more than once.

      • Note from Martin Limon

        I recall that the Grand Ole Opry always played to packed houses. On some compounds, demand for seating was so great that unit commanders would designate one of their soldiers to go to the NCO Club or Officers Club early and push tables and chairs together and stand guard over the seats to make sure that the entire unit could sit together. They’d even bring the unit guidon (a two-foot-high wooden replica of the company banner/flag) to sit as a totem in the middle of their reserved area. More than one unit would do this. And by the time the Grand Ole Opry took the stage, usually about 7 p.m., the entire hall was packed and they were received with a thunderous ovation. I remember once when the base player launched into the Freddy Fender hit “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” the audience roar was so loud and raucous that he very briefly looked shocked. Almost frightened. But the Grand Ole Opry were pros and they quickly recovered. The lead female singer I remember most vividly was Kimchi Kitty. When she took the stage in her country dress with her layered petticoats and puffed silk shoulders and she started belting out “This Time You Gave Me a Mountain” the GIs went mad.

        Including me.


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