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    Note from Mr Nam Sang So
    In early 1970s my wife had a household helper, a teenage girl named Hyonae 현애.
    She was well built, strong and worked very hard in the kitchen and house cleaning. Ham and I were careful not to make any trouble with her.
    She wanted to become a bus-girl who collected bus fares from the passengers. And she has to push in the last passengers hanging out side the bus door. The bus driver can only start move his bus when the girl shouts “all right!”

    She finally quit us and I believe she didn’t have any trouble in becoming a pushing girl at any bus company in Seoul.
    The photo was taken at the History Museum today. It reminded me of Hyonae girl. (The girl with a cap on in the photo is the bus girl)
    Hyonae must be over 60 years old now if she lives.

    H June 7

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