Safe return from suicide attack

Contributor: Nam Sang-so

P.S. In Nagano, Japan, I was one of the chosen physically fit boys who were pre-designated to be recruited to serve for the Japanese special force but the war ended before I reached the age. Instead I served three years for the Korean Navy attached to the U.S. Navy 7th Fleet on the East Sea in the Korean Campaign. I then had been employed by an American architect and engineering firm and served for the U.S. Forces at K-6/Camp Humphreys, U.S. Army Yongsan Garrison, and then U.S. Navy Seabees in Vietnam, all together for 25 years.

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An ordinary day of my drafted years in South Korea

Contributor: Yongsan Legacy Team

The 570th Ord Co Das was a “Working” camp and had none of the military harassment. We had “young Korean House Boys” that cleaned the…

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Seoul American Elementary School

Contributor: John M Blom

“Over nearly 60 years, SAES has instructed thousands of students and allowed them to learn about the American and Korean cultures, building bridges between the two nations.”

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Aigo, aigo!

Contributor: Chang Soon-hee

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to teach the most used Korean word to newly arriving U.S. military personnel in Korea?

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