Ano the lucky dog

Contributor: George Breen

Ano was the only dog I ever saw in Korea

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Ano was the only dog I ever saw in Korea

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Back then when I was serving in the 570th ord co during 1958 and 1959, I did hear that many Koreans did eat dog meat. Marie was quick to point out , that all Koreans did not eat dog meat!  I also know that during the 1950’s there were many, many hungry people in Korea. I suppose that any thing that could be found to eat was used for a meal!

The dog behind the G.I. in this photo was the only dog I ever saw in Korea.  The dog’s name was Ano. He was named after Sargent Ano, who found him and brought him to the 570th. The dog was well fed from the mess hall.  I can’t remember where or how Sargent Ano found the dog.

I am not sure about Ano’s age, but he looked to be approx. 2 years old. I never remember seeing him play very much, it seems that his favorite thing to do , was being close to a G. and of course, he was always present in the chow line when it was meal time!

Every G.I. loved him. I feel sure that when Ano’s life ended he had a proper burial on the grounds of the , 570th ord co (das).

I enjoyed reading that eating dog meat is not that popular in south Korea these days. This was much talked about among G. I.,s back in the 1950’s.

Note from George Breen,
570th Ord. Co. Korea