That interesting, mysterious, disembodied voice

Contributor: Larry W. Cartier

Who was she and where did she work? …..

Topic: Cars, People, Services, Yongsan Legacy
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821, Commissary, 821…. copy.

257 Camp Kim… copy 257.

Since the late 1980’s when I visited Yongsan as a young soldier stationed in the 2nd ID, to the time I was stationed on Yongsan Garrison as a government civilian in the late 2000’s I’ve always heard this voice when I was in a taxi, traveling on or near the base.

492, Dragon Hill Lodge, 2 passengers. 492 pickup? Copy.

Who was she and where did she work? Was it a small room somewhere with an old radio in front of her and is she still there?

That interesting, mysterious, disembodied voice, calling for the drivers to pick up another fare over the radio.

Who was she?!